Frequently Asked Questions
We want to make the Curio Cards trading experience seamless and transparent for all of you — here are some commonly asked questions about the wrapper project.
What is the purpose of using a wrapper?
Since Curio Cards were created before the NFT standard was even invented (yes, we’re that OG, we were even referenced in the standard itself!), the ERC-20 native token needs to be wrapped into an OpenSea-compatible format. This allows you to easily buy and sell, set auctions, and view your cards. The best part is, after you’re done trading on OpenSea, you can unwrap your cards back into their native ERC-20 format with ease. This wrapper will always be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and cannot be taken down, so you’re in good hands.
Why ERC-1155 and not ERC-721?
The ERC-1155 is perfect for this: sets of collectibles that are internally fungible within their set, but can’t be traded fungibly outside the sets (ie. there is an inherent difference between card 30 and card 10, but no inherent difference between two card 10s except blockchain history). Also, there will be no ‘mint number’, so people who rush to the wrapper first (without reviewing the code, which is bad!) will gain an unfair advantage with low mint numbers. Instead, we create a fair order book of buys and sells for the same card within a set, and a fair market equilibrium price can be found.
What permissions does the wrapper deployer have in terms of moving cards?
None at all! The deployer of the wrapper cannot move cards out of the wrapper and can’t create new contracts. These functions do not exist. So, be very careful - when you wrap cards, be sure you will always have access to your wallet’s private key, because if you lose it, we can’t do anything for you!
What’s the trading fee?
There's no fee at all for wrapping or unwrapping your Curio cards, except for Ethereum gas.
We’ve opted to go with a low 2.9% trading fee on OpenSea. This is to recoup deployment costs, fund marketing and development for the Curio Cards Community project, and of course, reward our lovely artists, without whom we wouldn’t be here today. Since we’ve developed this wrapper with love, we’re deciding the split, but the other wrapper will potentially be fully community-based, so that’s something to look forward to!

After the deployment cost is recouped, we will create an OpenSea fees fund with periodic distribution. Of this, 40% will go directly to the artists to support their work, split equally unless they vote otherwise unanimously. 40% of it will go towards funding marketing, contract development, bot development, hosting, and more for the Curio Cards Community. 20% of the fund will be given directly back to you guys - either in the form of an airdrop, a lottery, or special community giveaways in the Discord. This split will be unilaterally revised bi-annually based on prevailing market conditions and community sentiment.
Why did you choose to deploy this wrapper?
As you know, there are other wrappers in the works. However, the one currently being worked on will not include 17B. Since we feel that the original NFTs that were created all those years ago *all* deserve a place in history, and a trading platform, we decided to release this wrapper with a special inclusion for 17B trading. As a couple of Curio Cards team officials said, a wrapper that supports 17B will inevitably be made - and we decided to make it, just to make the process a lot more faster and safe! So yes, on this wrapper, you can trade all cards from 1-30 as well as 17B. We also decided on a (in our estimation) more favourable OS funding split for development and longevity of the project. Another wrapper is coming soon from the Curio group, which will exclude 17B but will have a community vote-based fee, so stay tuned for that! There will be multiple wrappers and Curio Card trading avenues available eventually, and this is just one.
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